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Print Engages All Senses

Posted by on Jan 8, 2020 in Marketing
Humans are built to gather information by touch. Print marketing allows you to engage this sense.

Humans are built to gather information by touch. Print marketing allows you to engage this sense. (“Luna” by Woodleywonderworks is licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

Print Engages All Senses

Humans have five senses. In a good tactical marketing approach, you should attempt to hit all of them to better “lock in” your brand message or information. Print is one method that can indeed cover all five, especially when print applications stretch beyond paper to other promotional or educational items.


Color, words on the page. Faces. Design. Your brand can maintain consistency across all channels and media, from digital, to print marketing, to promotional merchandise. Seeing your brand and your message across different kinds of media will solidify you in the minds of your audience. Scientific and consumer studies link better comprehension when words are read on a printed material as opposed to digital, as addressed in a recent Washington Post piece.


Think about the smell of ink on a page:  a new catalog, a newspaper, new books, or even old books. That conjures up some memories, right? Science has proven that smell is one of the senses most strongly linked with our memory and emotional response. Print marketing allows you to hit on the sense of smell, whether directly (your logo on a candy wrapper or lip balm) or indirectly, with a nostalgic scent delivered by traditional ink on paper. It’s important to consider how scent plays into your whole print marketing campaign and the related items.


Intricately linked to the sense of smell, taste can conjure the same memory-invoking feelings. As most printed materials — even non-paper materials — aren’t edible, you’ll need to get creative, and we can help. Think outside the page: your logo on a candy wrapper or lip balm, or enclosing a box of candies or beverages.


The flutter of a flip-book. A soft flip of turning a well-worn book page. The crack of opening a new card-stock seam on a folded brochure. These could seem inconsequential, but are other sensory-activating aspects that print marketing can send important memory-creating signals to your readers’ minds.


We infer a lot about quality by the way that something feels, and is one of the key ways that human brains are set up to gather information. When you’re shopping the farmers market or choosing a new suit jacket, touch goes a long way to quickly inform you about whether you want to make that selection. The same goes for your printed marketing materials. High quality paper or a creative die-cut design is a great way to quickly create a positive association with your brand. Not only considering the individual piece, but then your item can be physically shared with someone else. This physical connection from the intended recipient to someone you may not have intentionally targeted is a bonus, and is much more personal than a forwarded email or Facebook share.

With any print piece, the best goal is to try and hit all five senses. Engaging these is akin to increasing the surface area and reach of your marketing: from one person’s full sensory experience to the next person, and so on. Chicago Print Partners can help you specify and develop the best printed piece for your needs. Contact one of our printers today to find out more.


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